Classic Pop Magazine – Issue 29: On sale now!


The new issue of Classic Pop is on sale now! Grab your copy here. Available at WHSmith, Asda, Morrisons, Easons and independent newsagents, it’s an extra special occasion for us, too, as we celebrate going monthly. We’ve pulled out all the stops with a corker of an issue featuring an all-star cast. We meet the [...]

The Myth Factory: Myth 6 – Kylie Minogue’s debut was a sure-fire smash

Though confidence behind Kylie Minogue’s debut was overflowing, cash was not… In the end, 1988’s Kylie album would sell more than five million copies – but cash flow was a serious problem. Naturally, the LP had to be pressed before a single copy could be sold, and the sheer numbers involved gave Pete Waterman some [...]

The Myth Factory: Myth 5 – The Midas Touch

We’re past the half way point in The Myth Factory, and today we’re debunking the claim that everything SAW touched turned to gold… Despite their reputation as almost-unparalleled British hit-makers, SAW had their fair share of flops with a surprising number of singles stalling at the frustrating UK chart position of 41, thereby missing out [...]

The Myth Factory: Myth 4 – A SAW credit or a sore point?

SAW credit

Today’s addition of The Myth Factory looks at the adage that artists were always keen to get a SAW credit, not so… Some acts were actually rather coy about the involvement of Mike and Matt on their hits, sometimes leaving the SAW name off the credits. Most significant of these was the debut single from [...]

The Myth Factory: Myth 3 – Bananarama Hated The First Cut of ‘Venus’

The myths just keep coming and today’s features the recently reformed Bananarama and their supposed hatred of the first cut of Venus…   It was Bananarama’s Siobhan Fahey who suggested approaching Stock Aitken Waterman in an attempt to inject some fresh creative energy into Bananarama’s by-then flagging chart fortunes. She had loved You Spin Me [...]

The Myth Factory: Myth 2 – Fights In The Studio

myth 2

Welcome back to The Myth Factory! Today’s myth is…’Fights in the studio almost erupted during the recording of SAW’s first UK No. 1 hit’   It’s a tale that has been trotted out many times over the years, and the image of the late Pete Burns almost coming to blows with Mike and Matt is [...]

The Myth Factory – Myth 1: SAW’s earliest success

Welcome to The Myth Factory, where we’ll digging deeper into the stories behind the trio’s production history, beginning with…’Pete Waterman was the catalyst for SAW’s earliest success.’   When Mike Stock and Matt Aitken started to tout their idea of a female Frankie Goes To Hollywood-inspired dance single around the record companies during the early [...]

5 definitive MTV videos

Our final countdown (sorry about that) as part our MTV revolution feature looks at some of the definitive music videos to air… 5. Michael Jackson – Thriller (1983) Cue the Vincent Price cackle and the army of choreographed zombie dancers – John Landis’ 14-minute epic is regarded as the greatest and most influential pop video [...]

5 great videos banned by MTV


In part two of our MTV revolution we’re counting down the top 5 videos banned by MTV… 5. Enrique Iglesias – Sad Eyes (2000) The sexual content of this clip, directed by David LaChapelle, caused it to be marginalised from the MTV playlists, due to its depiction of life on the road including such activities [...]

5 Key Pre-MTV Videos

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 15.35.12

As part of the MTV revolution, featured in the current issue of Classic Pop, we’re counting down the top 5 pre-MTV music videos… 5. Mike Nesmith – Rio (1977) The former Monkee singlehandedly invented MTV. Well, sort of. He created a video clip for his song Rio, a single taken from the album From A [...]